Cloud computing technology enables resource sharing in a way that dramatically simplifies infrastructure planning. With this technology, large pools of resources can be connected via private or public networks to provide dynamically scalable infrastructures for applications, data and file storage. Furthermore, the costs of computing, application hosting, content storage and delivery can be significantly reduced. No wonder the cloud is attractive to organizations burdened with time and budget constraints.

Why Choose SysApp Solutions?

With traditional business applications, it will need a whole team of experts to install, configure, test, run, secure, and update an enormous amount and variety of hardware and software needed to run a company. With SysApp Solutions' public cloud services, you eliminate those burdens because you are not managing the hardware and software. The shared infrastructure that it offers means it works like a utility. You only pay for what you need, upgrades are automatic, and adding or removing applications are easy.

If data security and control is a concern to you and you want to host applications privately, we can design your organization's private cloud to assure high levels of security and configurability of the infrastructure.

Our Cloud solutions offer the following advantages:

  • We can provide a strategic appraisal of your business requirements and modified implementation plan to facilitate migration to a Cloud-based model.
  • We can mitigate the challenges associated with cloud integration without compromising quality, standards or security.